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About Re-sonate

What is Re-sonate?

Re-sonate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to empower collegiate women pursuing careers in technology by providing growth opportunities, creating a strong peer network, and ultimately inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. If you are interested in starting a Re-sonate chapter at your university, contact Sanika Phanse, the Founder & CEO of Re-sonate, at


Re-sonate UT is the student-run Re-sonate chapter at UT that strives for local empowerment.

Beginning Fall 2020, Re-sonate UT will host WEEKLY events, ranging from technical deep dives to riveting discussions that will allow women in tech to both share personal experiences and develop a growth mindset. We are also spearheading a family system, or Re-sonate Ambassadors, to connect women from a variety of disciplines together and become an essential part of our feedback board.

Our signature event is the annual Re-sonate Convention, a day-long affair of networking with industry professionals, learning the latest technological trends, and addressing common issues women face in academia or the tech industry. Our 2020 Convention, held on February 15th, honed each event on authenticity and what it truly means to be vulnerable.

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